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Västra Bodarna – Alingsås

  • Length

    10.5 km

  • Elevation

    62 m

  • Degree of difficulty


Jonas Ingman

Along small roads and forest paths, you head towards Stadsskogen with a view of Mjörn which leads you towards the city of Alingsås.

To the north from Västra Bodarna you follow the road to the beautiful Bryngenäs area. The customs road transports you towards Bryngeskog and further into the Potato Trail, which winds its way on paths in the beautiful Stadsskogen forest. When you come out of the forest, a nice view awaits you over the lake Mjörn. After a few kilometers you arrive at Lövekulle Camping where you can stay for overnight or coffee. You are now walking along the shore of Mjörns and just reaches the nice beach at Mjörnvallen. After the bridge crossing at Säveån you will enter the Nolhagaviken nature reserve with its rich bird life. A fig opportunity again on the classic Tallhyddan which offers a waffle buffet. Soon you will arrive at Nolhaga Park and Nolhaga Castle. Nolhaga park is a romantic English park with French and Italian style features. In the middle of the park there is a straight shaft that goes from Nolhaga castle down through the park to Säveån. In connection with this strict axis, the park corridors wander in English park style. Soon you will enter the city center with beautiful wooden buildings and plenty of cafés. When you arrive at the museum and the tourist office you reach the destination for the trail or the start if you start the trail from Alingsås. Overnight accommodation awaits at the prestigious Grand Hotel dating back to the early 1900s.

10.5 km

62 m


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